'dare' | the mary onettes

hi, kids. the mary onettes have a new e.p. coming out next month called 'dare.' this is the title track. it's rocks mightily. therefore you should buy the e.p. when it comes out. if you don't, you will die a horrible and unpleasant death.

the mary onettes: dare
the mary onettes: make me last


'a change of heart' | el perro del mar

today's good news is brought to you by sarah assbring, a.k.a. el perro del mar: el perro del mar's new album, 'love is not pop,' is set to drop on april 1 in the scandinavian territories. no release date for the US, so far as i can tell. but given the usual delays in releasing stuff stateside, you'll probably be able to buy your own copy about the time the sixth and final season of 'lost' wraps up about a year from now. until then, enjoy 'a change of heart,' probably the best song she's done yet. remarkable stuff, this.

el perro del mar: a change of heart
el perro del mar: a change of heart [what kind of breeze do you blow? remix] -- link corrected


'hysteric' | yeah yeah yeahs

i'm back! but i don't know for how long. at least long enough to heap tons of praise on the yeah yeah yeahs new album, 'it's blitz!'

holy &%$@! i'm so completely blown away by this album. funny thing is that i never really listened to them before because i instinctively reject so-called 'art rock.' [at least i admit to my biases, right?] it drives me nuts because it's usually just code for really crappy and really, really pretentious--or in other words, no talent. i'm just sayin'.

so imagine complete and utter joy to find 'it's blitz!' so blindingly and undeniably brilliant. trust me, the 'critics' are going to peeing themselves over this one. and you know what, they should. i'll spare you the play-by-play and excessive superlatives because i want you to listen to it and find out for yourself.

congrats, yeah yeah yeahs, the album of the year award is yours to lose. for real.

yeah yeah yeahs: hysteric [link fixed!]
yeah yeah yeahs: heads will roll

i'm still alive...

i admit i've lost a bit of enthusiasm for updating the blog of late, but i will be back to writing about music and the occasional book or movie i enjoyed, or even my latest hopeless crush on monday.

until then, we all know who the REAL national champion is. suck it, trebek, er BCS! [hint: it's the big U to the left!]


'autumn story' | firekites

sorry for the lack of updates lately. what with christmas, family in town, my new 46" samsung lcd and playstation 3, i've been rather occupied the last week. i've been shopping that tv for the better part of six months and i finally pulled the trigger on my birthday, so happy birthday to me from me with best regards. you're a swell fellow, matt.

here's some nice new music from down unduh! i knew there was more to aussie music besides midnight oil, inxs, and men at work [i'm kidding, i'm kidding]. i don't know that much about firekites, but a friend of mine suggest i check them out and so i did. and i have to say, i was pleasantly surprised. not that i thought they'd be lousy or anything like that, but with the gajillions of bands out there these days, it's always nice to find a little nugget that warms the heart. i particularly like listening to these guys on headphones because you can really here all the little nuances floating throughout the songs. and i also like that it sounds like it was recorded in a warehouse. that's not to say it's lousy recording quality, but rather you can here the faint traces of echos. it gives the songs a really nice quality that seems lacking from a lot of studio produced stuff. good stuff.

you can find out more about firekites here and here, so go check 'em out.

final thought for the day: is it just me or is anyone else wondering where the bleep 2008 went?

firekites: autumn story
firekites: same suburb different park